Uruguay may have fewer than 4 million inhabitants, but its e-commerce market is thriving: the projected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) between now and 2019 is a healthy 31%.

Combining a strategic location, political stability, low corruption, and an educated population, Uruguay can be an interesting starting market and a potential springboard for further expansion in Latin America.

However, by processing payments offshore you, will be addressing less than half of the total Uruguayan market: 58% of online sales are paid with a local payment method.

Preferred online payment methods in Uruguay

70% Credit Cards: Uruguay has a higher credit card penetration rate than many of its Latin American neighbors, and 42% of the country’s e-commerce spend is paid with international credit cards.

Around half of all credit cards issued in Uruguay are local-only, and can’t be used for purchases from international websites. Domestic credit cards represented 28% of total e-commerce spend in 2016.

17% Cash: Cash-based payments remain popular in Uruguay, including for e-commerce sales. Cash-based invoices, issued by a payments network, are payable at thousands of locations nationwide.

3% Debit Cards: Debit cards represent only a very small share of Uruguayan e-commerce payments, but this method is expected to become increasingly popular.

10% Other Methods:

  • Other payment methods include digital wallets and ATM payments, among others.


Payment in multiple installments is a very popular option in Uruguay. Banco Itau has recently partnered with MasterCard to access its international payment network, enabling Uruguayan customers to shop abroad and simultaneously access installments offered by their local bank.

Address the entire Uruguayan e-commerce market

In order to tap the full potential of the Uruguayan e-commerce market, it is vital to offer local payment methods as a complement to international credit cards.

WL Online Payment Acceptance provides cost-effective and customized local payment programs in Uruguay and other emerging markets globally. Contact us today, and together we will tailor your payment strategy to meet your business requirements, growth plans and sales goals.

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