Peru: Economy and e-Commerce

Peru is still a fairly small market, but with robust GDP growth and a pro-business government, it has one of the highest e-commerce growth rates in Latin America. The Peruvian e-commerce market is forecasted to grow at an impressive year-on-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 35% between now and 2021.

Every day, Peruvian consumers from all socio-economic groups are shopping online for the first time. Increased trust in e-commerce is attracting new customers who were previously worried about fraud.

In a longer-term regional strategy for Latin America, Peru deserves a spot on your shortlist.

Preferred online payment methods in Peru

55% Credit Cards: Unlike banks in Brazil and Argentina, Peruvian banks do not usually restrict cards from being used internationally. However, payment authorizations for purchases from international websites are often declined by the card issuer, for fear of fraud and card misuse.

Domestic credit cards, issued by the leading department stores Falaballa and Ripley and other closed-loop networks, represented 3% of total e-commerce spend in 2018.

30% Cash: Many Peruvians still prefer to pay cash, including for online purchases. Cash-based invoices, issued by a payments network, are payable at thousands of locations nationwide. Cash payments represent almost a third of the country’s e-commerce sales — and the rate is growing. Cash on delivery is a popular option in Peru, and represents 9% of total online sales.

6% Debit Cards: Peruvian banks are slowly beginning to enable debit cards for e-commerce. Leading banks include BCP, Interbank, BBVA and Scotiabank.

6% Bank Transfers: E-commerce payments via bank transfer are enabled by the proprietary bank solutions and aggregator SafetyPay.

3% Other Methods: Digital wallets, ATM payments and other methods represent 3% of Peru’s e-commerce volume.


Banks and acquirers have not made installments widely available in Peru. BBVA tried a pilot in 2016 to first introduce installments into Peru, but the product has not gained notable traction. Peruvians either access their revolving credit on credit cards or make the payment in full at the time of purchase.

Address the entire Peruvian e-commerce market

In order to tap the full potential of the Peruvian e-commerce market, it is vital to offer local payment methods as a complement to international credit cards.


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