Argentina: Economy and e-Commerce

Argentina is the third largest economy in Latin America, and an e-commerce market with great potential. Until recently, import restrictions and currency controls made Argentina a very difficult place to do business. However, the current administration has reversed these policies, and e-commerce in Argentina has been growing at a steady pace since 2015.

Argentina’s e-commerce market is projected to grow $14 billion by 2021, but cross-border trading represents only 7% of the total market. Without a local payment strategy, you will only be scratching the surface of your business potential in Argentina.

Preferred online payment methods in Argentina

77% Credit Cards: Credit cards represent an extremely relevant payment method for local e-commerce in Argentina, representing 77% of total e-commerce payments.

However, more than 50% of Visa and MasterCard cards issued by local banks are deemed local-only—they can’t be used for purchases from international websites. Similarly, cards from local card networks Narajana and others are accepted only in Argentina.

We can help you enable your Argentinian customers to pay you with any credit card of their choice.

18% Cash: Cash-based invoices are a common way to pay e-commerce purchases in Argentina. These invoices are issued by a payments network, such as PagoFacil and Rapipago, and payable in cash at thousands of locations nationwide.

1% Debit: Debit represents a negligible share of Argentinian e-commerce spend, but new partnerships are currently being built in order to enable debit card payments in e-commerce for the first time. The enablement of debit is likely to be an important driver of online purchasing by millennials. This demographic group is open to online shopping, but often lacks access to an online payment method.

4% Other Methods:

  • Bank transfer, digital wallets and ATM payments have tiny shares of e-commerce spend in Argentina.


Payment in multiple installments is extremely commonplace in Argentina. The most recent e-commerce survey conducted by the local industry association reported that 70% of shoppers opted to use an installment plan in their last e-commerce purchase, and that access to installments is a crucial driver of credit card payments.

Address the entire Argentinian e-commerce market

In order to tap the full potential of the Argentinian e-commerce market, it is vital to offer local payment methods as a complement to international credit cards.

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